Compiled by Azar "ACE" Attura
I WISH THERE WERE MORE - If YOU find any, please share the link with me -- THANKS!!
MULTILINGUAL (predominantly Spanish, and some English translations) Pet Care information avaliable on-line

SUNBEAR SQUAD - BEAUTIFUL INFO -- "Pocket Posters in English and Spanish""Tell animal owners that they need to take better care of their animals. Put a pocket poster on a door or fence. These free, downloadable PDF files are designed to be mini posters that are easy to make, cheap to print, and handy to keep with you at all times. Each prints on 1/4 of a standard letter size sheet of paper. Just print the file and then cut the printed sheet into 4 quarters. If you live near Spanish-speakers, print the Spanish language version on the back side of the English-language version. 
You might not know which language the household speaks (Spanish? English?) but with one language on each side you can still communicate" 

- EXCELLENT Website - Includes "One Page Guides" in MANY different languages (and English) on Feline Nutrition and Feline Health and Behavior!!!

- Christian Concern for God's Creatures (in Spanish).
Its English translation

- World Rabies Day great info on Rabies: (in English):

- BOOK: "Behaving as If the God In ALL Life Mattered: -- I have met the woman and went to a couple of her exceptional open houses (Perelandra, in Virginia)

 Proyecto Mascota ("Project Pet") in Spanish only: (they have a FB page too)

- Animals Asia:  In English, Japanese (Mandarin Chinese? I can't tell), Traditional Chinese, German, Italian, French, Spanish -- just click on the flags on the Upper Right area of the Home Page.

- Guinea Pig Care information -- in NINE languages!!

- FELINE ASTHMA Site -- in ELEVEN Different Languages!
CLICK on the Upper LH side to get the language of your choice.

OK-- I hope this has ALL been VERY helpful to you! 
And...oh....   wait, something just wigguled into the room...what...  is... this...? 

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 THIS INFORMATION CAN SAVE LIVES- I hope you find it very useful!! Pass it on please!!

ARE THERE ANY BROKEN LINKS? I check for them every so often but would appreciate it if you pointed them out to me.
ALSO: If you have found any Foreign Language Pet Care sites (with or without translations) please E-Mail me (above) 
and I will place them on this site! THANK YOU!!

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