Compiled by Azar "ACE" Attura

MULTILINGUAL (predominantly Spanish, and some English translations) Pet Care information avaliable on-line
HSUS's ENGLISH and SPANISH Pet Behavior Tip Sheets
The Home page has the English titles-- click on each title and you will encounter the Spanish Language Page.
1) You will NEED to put the English Language Title atop the first page-- or it will frustrate anyone who wants to distribute it and Does NOT speak Spanish,
and therefore has NO idea what they are distributing (i.e., they will give up in disgust -- I've seen it happen). If they see the ENGLISH Language Title, THEN
they will know what they are distributing.
2)  Each page NEEDS to be numbered (by hand is OK) - because if you drop the pack of papers, you might not have a CLUE about how they go back together
(unless you know Spanish)
- HSUS "Animal Sheltering Magazine Articles in Spanish -- including a VERY good mini-page on Spanish Language Phrases for Shelter Personnel.
Very cutely presented too!!!
-  Best Friends Feral Cats Workshop in Spanish !!
- Best Friends- Spay Neuter info in Spanish:
- and The SAME information in English:
- NO Kill Nation on Facebook in Spanish:  This is VERY GOOD -- but unless you speak/understand Spanish you cannot really guide
a Spanish Speaking person through this page:
- SUNBEAR SQUAD - BEAUTIFUL INFO -- "Pocket Posters in English and Spanish"
"Tell animal owners that they need to take better care of their animals. Put a pocket poster on a door or fence. These free, downloadable PDF files are designed to be mini posters
that are easy to make, cheap to print, and handy to keep with you at all times. Each prints on 1/4 of a standard letter size sheet of paper. Just print the file and then
cut the printed sheet into 4 quarters. If you live near Spanish-speakers, print the Spanish language version on the back side of the English-language version.
You might not know which language the household speaks (Spanish? English?) but with one language on each side you can still communicate" 
- EXCELLENT Website - Includes "One Page Guides" in MANY different languages (and English) on Feline Nutrition and Feline Health and Behavior!!!
- Zoe Weil and her Institute for Humane Education: Humane Education Actividades En Espanol
- From the AVMA:  Veterinarians: Keeping Animals and People Happy and Healthy   Written in English with Spanish subtitles.
Our bilingual coloring/activity book provides young children with activities that teach them about animals
and how veterinarians keep animals healthy.
- Christian Concern for God's Creatures (in Spanish).
Its English translation
- World Rabies Day great info on Rabies:  (on the Lower LH side of page -- click for info in Spanish, Portuguese and French Languages):
- Spay Puerto Rico-- Bilingual info on same page - English and Spanish-- cute and informative page
-  Spay Neuter information in Italian and Spanish: (and you can translate it into OTHER languages thanks to Google)
- Spanish :
- ASPCA Resources for Spanish Speaking People:
CLICK on each subject listed in Spanish -- they EACH have an ENGLISH LANGUAGE Translation link.  IF you want to know what each subject line means,
contact me and I will translate the subject line for you -- but its alot easier just to click on each Subject Line and then click again to get to the English Translation version.
- ASPCA "Meet Your Match -- Cage Cards and Adoption "Survey" in Spanish:
And In English
- BOOK: "Behaving as If the God In ALL Life Mattered: -- I have met the woman and went to a couple of her exceptional open houses (Perelandra, in Virginia)
- PETA Espanol:
- Christian Vegetarian Booklet: (Honoring God's Creation)
- Perros De Mexico: A FUN site in Spanish,  about dogs; for kids:
- Proyecto Mascota ("Project Pet") in Spanish only: (they have a FB page too)
- PARVO information - in Spanish:
What I did was Google:  Yahoo Espana and searched for Perro Parvo
- Animals Asia:  In English, Japanese (Mandarin Chinese? I can't tell), Traditional Chinese, German, Italian, French, Spanish --
just click on the flags on the Upper Right area of the Home Page.
- Animal Disaster Preparedness Checklist - in Spanish (and English):
From the Red Rover (Formerly "United Animal Nations") site - Can fit in pocket, and VERY helpful:
- RABIES: from the Virginia Dept of Health- GREAT resource in Spanish:
AND English:
- Spay/Neuter slideshow in Spanish:
-  Spanish Language Information for Pet Owners in Texas -- but valuable ANYWHERE!
This can be found on the SNAP ("Spay Neuter Assistance Program") Website:
The Picture Heading Reads: "71% of all cats brought to Shelters are killed!"
Also on this SAME SNAP website: an Informational TNR 'One-pager' (similar to Alley Cat Allies'  handouts)
This Heading Reads: "Know The Truth About Feral Cats":
And of course the English Language version of the SNAP Website:
- "Spanish Phrases for Animal Care Organizations"- a GREAT Boooklet!
(I carry this with me ALWAYS because you CAN use it to converse with anyone-- on the bus, the subway, the store-- NOT just at the Shelter --
this is a VALUABLE!!! and NOT expensive!!)! EXCELLENT BOOKLET
- Guinea Pig Care information -- in NINE languages!!
- Disaster Planning for Pets (NYCity-- has great info): in FOUR languages (incluidng Spanish)
- FELINE ASTHMA Site -- in ELEVEN Different Languages!
CLICK on the Upper LH side to get the language of your choice.
- The Animal Medical Care Foundation: in English, Spanish, German, French
"The Animal Medical Care Foundation (AMCF) is a foundation whose goal it is to support animal refuges worldwide with
medicine,medical equipment and other related care products". (They were instrumental in helping a Shelter in India
that I am familiar with -- they donated supplies.)
OK-- I hope this has ALL been VERY helpful to you!
And...oh....   wait, something just wigguled into the room...what...  is... this...?
Visit my other web site:
 THIS INFORMATION CAN SAVE LIVES- I hope you find it very useful!! Pass it on please!!
ARE THERE ANY BROKEN LINKS? I check for them every so often but would appreciate it if you pointed them out to me.
ALSO: If you have found any Foreign Language Pet Care sites (with or without translations) please E-Mail me (above) 
and I will place them on this site! THANK YOU!!
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Text by Azar Ace” Attura